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Hotel Manala is located at just 100 meters from the beautiful and natural beach of Santa Teresa, in the South of the Nicoya Peninsula. The best address is getting to Cobano, then from there, another 30 minutes to Mal Pais / Santa Teresa. This crossroad is called Playa Carmen. Here you need to take a right turn going towards Santa Teresa. ( Just in case, taking the left turn will take you to Mal Pais and straight ahead, it would take you to the beach of Playa Carmen ). At the cross road, once you turn right, follow the road for approximately 2 kilometers, driving by the local soccer field. At the left hand since, you will drive by La Lora Amarilla, a popular local bar and disco. From there, keep driving for another 300 meters until you see the sign of Hotel Manala.

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  • Car rental
    Rent a 4x4

    The most common transportation method is renting a 4x4 and driving to Santa Teresa. In that case, you need to take the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera, then driving to Cobano, and from there to Santa Teresa / Mal Pais. In case of driving South from Guanacaste, you can drive through Lepanto and Jicaral or along the coast road ( Dry Seasons only )

  • Flights
    Book a domestic flight to the Tambor Airstrip

    www.flysansa.com or www.naturair.com are both reputable domestic airlines that provide flights to Tambor Airstrip about 1 hour away. The average cost of a domestic flight from San Jose or other connection destinations is of around 120 U$ per Person each way. Once landed in Tambor, you need to book a taxi that can take you to the hotel.

  • Minivan
    www.interbusonline.com or similar shuttle companies can drive you to Santa Teresa

    You can book a private minivan transfer from other destinations in Costa Rica. You can also book a shuttle transfer that some companies provide to the region.